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Adela Garcia Classic


Team Eat To Grow



Champion Fitness Training Ebook
Champion Fitness
Champion Fitness Training Ebook is the training program that 6x Fitness Olympia Champion and 4x Fitness International Champion Adela Garcia uses to prepare during the last 6 weeks of her show prep. This training program is for the fitness enthusiast that wants a high intensity workout program and doesn't give anything less than 100%. If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life this is the ebook for you. You will be in better cardiovascular strength, explosive strength and muscular strength!! Act now and start your next fitness journey.

Price: $29.99

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O.F.F. Challenge Building Beautiful Size Ebook!

Building Beautiful Size
“Building Beautiful Size” is a training program that was designed to have two phases, each phase lasting 4 weeks. In the first phase we will work to build as much muscle as possible through lower reps and a larger caloric intake. In the second phase we will be focusing on toning and shaping the muscle in which we will utilize higher reps, shorter rest periods and a lower caloric intake. This program works and it has been proven many times over.

Give the program and your diet 100% and I guarantee you will come away in the best shape of your life! Take advantage of this great program and purchase yours today for one low price of $24.99

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O.F.F. Challenge Xtreme Nutrition Ebook!

The Nutrition Ebook is everything you wanted to know about nutrition as it pertains to losing fat and gaining muscle. It is comprised of a beginner level program, intermediate program, and advanced program. We have thrown in an extra bonus with the Xtreme Ripped program which is a 12 week nutrition program that is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life. We list out exactly what to eat in 4 week increments along with what supplements we feel are necessary to achieve your results. This program coupled with the Xtreme Cardio ebook will have you bikini ready in 12 short weeks.

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The best fitness documentary of the year is now available! An amazing story of using determination to overcome hardships. An inspiring love story. The #1 female fitness athlete in world, Adela Garcia. 


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Check Out Emily Carey's Blog - Click HERE!

O.F.F. Challenge Xtreme Cardio Ebook

Now offering high intensity cardio workouts in which 5x Fitness Olympia Champion Adela Garcia performs to progress her body into rock hard condition. These cardio workouts will improve athleticism, strip away bodyfat, and increase muscle conditioning. If you are preparing for a competition or just wanting to get in the best shape of your life, this ebook is for you. In a few days we will be releasing our nutritional ebook and training ebook to add to this. With all three you are guarnteed to get in the best shape of your life.


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Announcing: Adela Garcia Classic


Great Showing for O.F.F. Challenge Team!!!

Congratulations to O.F.F. Challenge Team member Emily Carey for taking home 1st place in the 2011 Arnold Amatuer Class E Bikini Competition. Emily has worked very hard this past year and the improvements that she has made to her body have been outstanding. Emily has a great career ahead of her in the fitness industry. She is such a great athlete to train because you can tell her anything to do and she will do it. She puts complete trust into the training and nutrition program and it hasn't failed her yet. We look forward to watching this young athlete continue to do great things for the O.F.F. Challenge team as well as for herself.

We want to also congratulate IFBB Bikini Pro Shelsea Montes for a great showing at the 2011 Bikini International. Although she did not place as well as she would have liked, she still looked great in our eyes. There are a few things that we will be working on to prepare her for the Pittsburgh Pro here in a few weeks. We look for Shelsea's conditioning to be a little tighter along with a new look.

I couldn't leave without sharing a big congratulations to the one and only Adela Garcia. Going into the 2011 Fitness International she was favored among many to repeat what she did last year but there were many looking for her to be knocked off her crown. Adela would once again show why she is the baddest girl in the fitness industry and one of the most feared competitors. Not only can she continue to be one of the most competitive athletes in fitness, she has no sign of slowing down. This being her 10th Fitness International that she has competed in, and the fourth time she has won it. She now has 9 major titles under her belt and who knows where she will stop. She is such an amazing athlete but also such a role model to many young athletes out there that she mentors and trys to share her tricks. She is always out to lend a helping hand to a competitor if they are in need. We have had several competitors come and stay at our house to try and learn things that Adela has learned through the years. Don't look for this Chica to retire anytime soon, I only forecast a lot more headlines with her name at the top.




Shelsea Montes Joins The Team!!!

Congratulations to IFBB Pro O.F.F. Challenge Team member Shelsea Montes for being selected as spokesperson for

Shelsea is the overall 2009 Jr. USA Bikini Champion and the 2010 Houston Bikini Pro Champion. Shelsea is a member of the exclusive FMG Team and her energy and personality will be a valuable asset to the team. Shelsea will take the stage at the 2011 Fitness International for the first time and look for her to make her presence known.

We are very proud of Shelsea Montes and wish her the best of luck at the Bikini International. You can also check her out at the booth on Saturday and Sunday.


Shelsea Montes Nabs her first Pro Win!!!

Shelsea Montes has been training for Bikini for the last two years and has definitely made a name for herself in the industry. She was the first Bikini athlete to earn Pro status and one of the first Bikini athlete to be signed by FMG team. With all that being said, Shelsea still didn’t have what every Pro competitor wants, a Pro win… That all would change on the night of October 23, 2010 in Stafford Texas at the Texas State Show. Shelsea would go on to win the Houston Pro Show against a tough Bikini competitor class and get her first Pro win. This would not only be an exciting time for Shelsea but also for trainer and coach Adela Garcia because Shelsea would also be the first O.F.F. Challenge athlete to win a Pro show. We are so excited for Shelsea and her family and want to congratulate her from the bottom of our hearts.

Shelsea has decided to take off from the Sacramento Show and give herself some time with her family and friends. She will still be training hard and preparing for the 2011 Competitive season and you can guarantee great things in the future from this little rock of fire!!! Thank you from the O.F.F. Challenge coaches and team members for always being a positive influence for all of us.




Adela Garcia Makes History at the 2010 Olympia!!!

IFBB Fitness Pro Adela Garcia and O.F.F. Challenge Owner and Coach made history on Friday night by being the first five time Olympia Champion. She beat out a very competitive line-up that has been nipping at her heels ever since she captured her first Title back in 2004. Adela has only lost the Olympia Title once back in 2005 and sat out of the 2008 Olympia due to a thought to be career ending knee injury. Ever since 2008, she has fought back to regain the Olympia title in 2009 and after winning it again in 2010, she looks to be unstoppable. She probably had the best physique that she has brought to date in this year’s Olympia and her routine could be only described as pure energy!

I want to congratulate her from the O.F.F. Challenge Team and from myself (her biggest fan and supporter) and wish her a great 2011 season as she will go for her 4th Fitness International Title.









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