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    Adela Garcia

         Adela is a 5-time Fitness Olympia Champion and 4-time Fitness International Champion.  She has been competing since 1995 and an IFBB pro since 1999.  She is the owner of O.F.F. Challenge and holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice.  She is master certified through ISSA and has been training and providing nutritional guidance for over 10 years to fitness, figure, and bikini competitors.  She not only specializes in competition training but is well versed in all facets of training.  If you are looking to reach your fitness goals this year then Adela is your answer.  For more information on Adela’s services please visit her [services page]










    Trent Calavan

         Trent earned his Bachelors of Arts in Exercise Science from Texas Lutheran University.  Trent’s passion, hard work, and dedication allowed him to play football at the collegiate level and help other athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons.  His specialties range from permanent weight loss in women to muscle gain and sport specific training for athletes.  Trent’s experience as a collegiate athlete and having a degree in exercise science has allowed him to develop a unique formula that assures his clients are able to reach their fitness goals. 







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